What it’s really like to lose both your breasts to cancer

Louise Turner, 47, had a wonderful life before a sudden breast cancer diagnosis. In the battle to save her life, she needed to have both breasts removed. Afterwards, she set on a mission to reclaim her curves.

“Back in 2012, I was happily juggling family life with my husband Geoff, our two children Vanessa and Justin, and my career in vocational education.

Aged 41, life was full of sports on the weekends, evenings out, family events, friends, and plenty of love and laughter.

Then one day, I told a work colleague about the latest small lump I’d felt in my right breast.

Previously, I’d undergone three surgeries to have lumps removed – which were thankfully all benign.

As my colleague was battling metastatic breast cancer at the time, she begged me to get it checked out.

Even though I assumed it was just yet another benign cyst, I agreed I shouldn’t be complacent – especially with what she was going through.

So I visited my GP and, familiar with my history, she sent me off for an ultrasound and core biopsy. Read more… 

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