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Cancer Crusaders – Double your Entries

For as little as $10 each month, you can be a Cancer Crusader and join in all of our lotteries with over $20,000 in cash & prizes in each to be won!

Joining is easy

Call on 1300-678070 or use the Enquiry Form below. Payments may be made from your credit or debit card each month. When you join, you will receive a letter listing your ‘Lucky Number’ tickets in each draw. As a Cancer Crusader, you also qualify for double ‘bonus’ entries.

It’s Win-Win

Being a Crusader is a great way of being in all the draws. And with more people lonely, isolated, less well off and in need of help, your support has never been as valuable as it is today.

Major Draw*              Monthly Cost

40 entries                                            $10 a month (cheapest)

60 entries                                            $15 a month

80 entries                                            $20 a month (good value)

100 entries                                          $25 a month

400 entries                                          $50 a month (best value)

* Tickets for each lottery based are allocated according to the payment/s received. This is at a cost of $1 per ticket entry. All payments are processed on the 15th of each month. There are no contracts or minimum and you may cancel at any time, and cancellation is efimmediately.

For sales or any enquiry call 1300-645572 or (02) 8058-9060, or email [email protected]

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