BBC presenter forced to work during cancer treatment

A radio presenter in the UK says she was forced to work throughout gruelling breast cancer treatment because her employer forced her to move to a freelance contract without sick pay.

Kirsty Lang told the Commons culture committee that the BBC instructed her to enter into a freelance arrangement in 2013, causing her to have to “work the whole way through’ radiotherapy treatment, or she would stop receiving an income.

Lang gave evidence alongside colleagues to the Commons culture committee to highlight the issue of workers being forced into freelance contracts.

As a result of being forced onto a freelance contract, the presenter was unable to take bereavement leave when her stepdaughter died.

Instead she had to host a show before attending the funeral.

Kirsty Lang co-hosts the BBC Radio 4 show ‘Front Row’.

She claims she isn’t the only employee at the media organisation to be forced into going freelance instead of being on staff, so they didn’t have to pay benefits, leaving employees “frightened to get sick”.

Lang was originally on staff until her son started having problems in school in 2013 and she asked to go part-time. Read more… 

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