Boy, 12, diagnosed with cancer just weeks after twin dies of brain tumour

After an initial mis-diagnosis, Julie Parton sadly lost her son Ben aged 12 just eight months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, glioblastoma multiforme grade 4.  Grieving the loss of her son Ms Parton’s grief took a new turn as her second son Jack, the twin brother of Ben was diagnosed with leukaemia just two weeks after his brother’s funeral. With symptoms of back pain and nausea it was initially thought to be post-traumatic stress disorder that Jack was experiencing after the funeral of his brother however, tests later revealed Jack had leukaemia. Having been through an incredibly traumatic time Ms Parton found some slight relief at leukaemia being easier to treat than the brain tumour which Ben had suffered from. Whilst Jack is in remission, he will stay on the chemotherapy for two and a half years to ensure the disease does not return. Read more… 

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