MEET Bill - CanCare Patient

Being 84 years old hasn’t stopped retired airman Bill from enjoying his time keeping handy. While age has meant he’s had to slow down a little, Bill is still keen and able to help his neighbours on projects, tinker in his workshop and even get out for the occasional round of golf.

“It wasn’t just the occasional transport. Everyone was so keen to help with the simple things like lovely tea and biscuits, and getting out of the house a bit” Bill said. “I can’t recommend CanCare enough.”

But Bill’s double diagnosis of cancer in his right eye and cancer in his lung last year, did mean he was suddenly forced to lean on others for help. With his wife needing care of her own, Bill’s requirement of attending daily radiotherapy appointments for six weeks put a big strain on him at a time he was most in need.

Bill’s radiotherapy had to start straight after his diagnosis, so CanCare helped him organise transport to and from his daily appointments. Being able to rely on this throughout the treatment lifted a huge burden, and he could focus on getting better.

Having just got a big thumbs up from his consultant that his cancers have responded well to treatment, Bill says that CanCare were “simply terrific.”

We can’t all volunteer, but we can help in other ways. Your gift will make a real difference to those in need.

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