Meet Anna – CanCare Volunteer

As a full time university student looking to gain some first-hand experience working with people, Anna was looking to find a volunteer role where she could contribute at times that were convenient to her study schedule.

On searching for a volunteer role, Anna found CanCare, and the Navigator role was appealing as not only could she gain practical experience, she could also volunteer at a time that suited her.

After connecting to Grace she was able to provide some much-needed support to someone who, like most people with a cancer diagnosis, was somewhat anxious about her diagnosis.

It was very rare for Grace to miss one of her outings with Anna. Later, they realised they knew some of the same people, as they had both worked at the same place for a short time, on different shifts.


Grace always looked forward to her visits from Anna and their outings. Anna and Grace shared a love of coffee and cake and enjoyed trying different cafes together. Anna also took Grace for walks along the beachfront which she really enjoyed, and they even attended a Tai Chi class together, helping Grace to better manage her anxiety.

Our CanCare volunteers provide support that ranges from helping with the practical things, like getting to treatment, to just being there for a coffee and chat.

We can’t all volunteer, but we can help in other ways. Your gift will make a real difference to those in need.

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